Useful Resources

General Relationship Issues

 The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work John Gottman                     

Really Relating     David Jansen & Margaret Newman

Tell Me No Lies   E. Bader & P.Pearson

Love Is a Verb      Bill O’Hanlon & P. Hudson                                

His Needs, Her Needs    Willard F. Harley

Conscious Loving     Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks 

Getting The Love You Want   Harville Hendrix                 

Couple Burnout  Ayala  Pines                                                       

You Just Don’t Understand     Deborah Tannen

The Five Love Languages    Gary Chapman

Rewrite Your Relationships     Eve Ash & Rob Gerrand

When Difficult Relatives Happen To Good People:

Surviving Your Family & Keeping Your Sanity    Dr Leonard Fielder

Good Loving, Great Sex    Dr Rosie King


Relationship Ambivalence


Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay     Mira Kirshenbaum  

Are You The One For Me?   Barbara De Angelis

Can Your Relationship Be Saved?      M. Broder


Affairs/Infidelity/Trust Issues

 After The Affair: Healing the Pain & Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful Janis Abrahms Spring

Handbook for Recovering From Affairs  Peggy Vaughan   


Family Violence/Verbal Abuse

Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand

 And Deal With People Who Try to Control You          Patricia Evans

 The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognise It & Respond  Patricia  Evans                                               
The Emotionally Abusive Relationship: How to Stop Being Abused and How to Stop Abusing       Beverly Engel      


How to Be The Parent You Want to Be     L. Davies

Adolescence: A Guide for Parents   M. Carr-Gregg & E. Shale

  What To Do When Your Children Turn into Teenagers       D. Bennett & D. Rowe                                               

Raising Boys       Steve Biddulph

Toddler Taming    C. Green


Blended Family Issues

Living in a Stepfamily   Ruth Webber

Stepfamily Life: What is Different & How To Make It Work     M.  Newman           

The Stepparent’s Survival Guide:A  Workbook For Creating  A Happy Blended Family          Suzen J. Ziegahn           


Divorce/Separation Issues

Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends                    Dr B. Fisher& Dr R. Alberti

Uncoupling        Diane Vaughan

Mom’s House, Dad’s House    Isolina Ricci

Creative Parenting After Separation        E. Seddon

Helping Children Cope With Divorce  E. Teyber

Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce      M. Gary Neuman


 Men’s Issues

 Iron John: A Book About Men   Rob Bly

Men’s Passages    Gail Sheehy

Manhood     Steve Biddulph

When Women Leave Men: How Men Feel, How Men Heal      Stan Charnovsky    

Boys Will Be Men: Masculinity in Troubled Times    R. Hawley


Men & Separation

DADS IN DISTRESS                                

MENSLINE                                          Telephone support service.   1300 78 99 78     (24 hours, seven days )

LIFELINE  Telephone support service  &   face-to-face counselling      13 11 14  (24 hours, seven days).


Grief & Loss

LIFELINE  Telephone support service  &   face-to-face counselling      13 11 14  (24 hours, seven days).

Coping With Grief     M & D McKissock

Courage To Grieve        J. Tatelbaum

Grief Recovery Handbook       J. James & R. Friedman

Stop the World! I Want To Get Back On     E. Peddey & L. Paddick

Write Through Loss & Grief        E. Hodge


Sexual Abuse

The Courage To Heal   Ellen Bass & Laura Davis


Personal Growth

Minfsight  Dr Dan Siegel

Emotional Intelligence    Daniel Goleman 

New Passages      Gail  Sheehy

The Dance of Anger   Harriet Lerner

The Dance of Intimacy     Harriet Lerner

The Dance of Fear    Harriet Lerner

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway    Susan Jeffers

A Woman In Your Own Right           Ann Dickinson

Intimacy & Solitude       Stephanie Dowrick

The Universal Heart      Stephanie Dowrick

Self-Esteem       McKay & Fanning

Rewrite Your Relationships     Eve Ash & Rob Gerrand

Women Who Love Too Much      Robin Norwood

Homecoming: Reclaiming & Championing your Inner Child    John Bradshaw

Healing the Shame that Binds You      John Bradshaw


Mental Health

Minfsight  Dr Dan Siegel

 Feeling Good  David Burns MD

Living With It      Bev Aisbett

Taming The Black Dog      Bev Aisbett

Depression    D. Rowe

LIFELINE  Telephone support service  &   face-to-face counselling      13 11 14  (24 hours, seven days).


Young People/depression/Self Harm

Site for young people  with lots of info

 Kids Help Line 1800 551800

 LIFELINE  Telephone support service  &   face-to-face counselling      13 11 14  (24 hours, seven days).